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How translation became my life and singer's dreams

Raised by a passionate modern languages teacher and a violin-, saxophone- and flute-playing bookseller in Lund, Sweden, languages, books and music were always a part of my life growing up. After a high-school Liberal Arts programme in my hometown, au-pair work in Paris, followed by university studies in Linguistics, Musicology, English and French in Lund and Paris, a post-graduate course in Translation Studies at the University of Surrey (Guildford, UK) seemed like an obvious choice. And since obtaining my master's degree in 1998, I haven't really stopped translating!

After graduating, I was immediately offered a job as a project manager / Swedish in-house translator for a UK based LSP (i.e. a Language Service Provider or simply a translation angency, as we still said in those days). There, I learnt important aspects of the loca-lization industry, handling both small and large projects and to liaise between clients and freelancers. Four years later, I launched my own business, offering translation services on a freelance-basis. And since then, I haven't looked back.

A recent photo of me on the seaside close to the beloved family summer residence on the west coast of Sweden.

I've had the opportunity to live and carry out my activity in a number of different countries, including the UK, the US (if only for 10 months), Spain, France and Switzerland, and in my early career, I spent two years working in beautiful Copenhagen!

I speak English and French fluently (have perfect passive skills in Danish and Norwegian) and welcome any chance to prac-tice and improve my German and Spanish. Oh, did I mention being married to a multinational, trilingual salesman with great negotiation skills (yes, that has come in handy at times!), or our three trilingual children for whom code-switching is second nature? When we visit the extended family in Paris, up to four languages are sometimes spoken around the dinner table!

Singing has been another passion of mine since a young age. My less than stellar attempt to enter the Paris conservatory as a young twentysomething, may be forgiven and forgotten, but years of choir-singing throughout my childhood and youth, band-playing, private singing lessons and unpretentious performances, have let me experience the joys of musical self-expression. Today, I sing in two choirs on an advanced level - a large oratorio choir, and a smaller mixed chamber choir, both performing a classical repertoire. They say that there's a close relationship between music and language functions...  but until I take the leap and become a professional singer (in the unlikely event that should ever happen), I'll happily stick to my day-job as a passionate translator!

* Hello!


If your web-search brought you here, it's because you are looking for a competent translator you can trust. Am I right?

With a university degree in Lingustics and Translation Studies, and over two decades as a professional translator, I have a solid basis to fall back on. I have already been caught in the pitfalls newbies are often vulnerable to, and learnt from my mistakes (such as accepting jobs outside of my expertise or taking on large projects with too short deadlines).

Today, I know my limits, but also my skills, strengths and capabilities!

Having translated several hundreds of patent applications over the years, and with a multitude of user manuals, operator's instructions, marketing material (and much more) in my 'portfolio', I can comfortably say that I know my stuff!

Having spent several years abroad, I have become nearly fluent in English and French, and growing up close to Denmark and later working closely with Danish linguists, has allowed me to develop a near-perfect grasp of the Danish language, while at the same time never allowing myself to lose grip of my Swedish mother-tongue.


“It’s 3 years now that I work with Anna and more than 100 jobs. Very satisfied, never missed a deadline, always good quality.”

“Absolutely reliable and trustworthy.”

“Corresponds quickly and clearly, follows detailed instructions very well --- Always pleasant to deal with, I highly recommend [her].”

"Thank you for the pleasant cooperation that we have had with you over the last few years!"

"Thanks for this revision; always a pleasure to work with you."

"J'ai été ravie de notre dernière collaboration et espère pouvoir continuer dans cette nouvelle aventure."