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I translate English, French and Danish texts into Swedish,

I proof-read Swedish texts translated from English, French or Danish,

I edit texts written in Swedish to improve their flow and style.

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I am a Swedish mother-tongue translator with an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Surrey (1998) and a BA in Linguistics, Musicology and English from Lund University (1996). I also hold a CCFS certificate of French language and civilization from the Sorbonne, Paris and have been able to perfect my French through living and working in France and Switzerland.

Currently living with my family in Sweden’s beautiful, southernmost region Skåne, I work out of my home-office in central of Helsingborg on the coast of the Öresund Strait – the narrow stretch of water that separates Sweden from Denmark.

I work with technical, medical and marketing documentation from English, French and Danish into Swedish.

After 25 years in the translation and localization industry, I have learnt the importance of communicating clearly and only accept work in my areas of expertise. Several years of living and working in various European countries (and a short period in the US), has opened my mind to other cultures and lifestyles, and given me invaluable language skills.


I am experienced with several different CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation), but mostly use SDL Trados Studio.

I am a full member of SFÖ (the Swedish Association of Professional Translators) where a majority of my clients have found me and work as a volunteer translator for Translators without Borders when time permits.

By letting me taking care of your translations, proof-reading or editing jobs, you can be sure to get a high-quality result!


Patents are heavily technical documents in chemistry, physics or other technically advanced fiields. Translating these texts requires not only background knowledge in the specific field, but also particular care and attention to detail, as the language can be both vague and intricate. By hiring a translator lacking this valuable experience, you risk ending up with an inaccurate or poorly done patent translation, that ultimately is very likely to harm the end-client and the patented invention.

Patent translations must also be drawn up in a very specific document format and conform to specific guidelines set by the local patent office.

As the source text is many times provided in the form of a scanned, non-editable PDF file, the procedure of recreating the source document can itself be time-consuming.

All of the above factors together, explain why a patent translation generally costs more than a general translation.



Technical, marketing and business texts from English, French and Danish into Swedish.

I always ask to see the source text before taking on a project, to avoid misunderstandings or accepting an assignment outside of my scope of expertise.

All translation is charged per word, based on the source word count.


Swedish translations in my areas of expertise, to detect and correct grammar and spelling errors, checking general accuracy, marking up amendments (using "Track changes" in Word or annotations in PDF) and advise the client of any problems.

All proofreading is charged by the hour.

I EDIT ...

Swedish texts (originals or translations) in my area of expertise, making sure the text flows well, changing expressions if necessary and making sure any 'translationese', such as anglicisms, syntactic errors, incorrect lexical choices and unidiomatic language usage is eliminated.

All editing is charged by the hour.